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Domestic roofing

For domestic roofing repairs, replacement and new build roofs
Are you looking for a roofer for your domestic property? At JR Roofing we have a team of roofers with the skills you need to take care of any roofing job, and as a long established firm providing roofing services in St Albans since 1979, we come highly recommended for the quality and value of our work.

Emergency roofing
If you’ve noticed a problem with your roof and need to get it sorted fast we can provide an emergency roofing service, and have your property safe and watertight again ASAP.

Storms and high winds can lift tiles or blow debris onto your roof, and even a small amount of damage can let in water. Make sure your home is safe from the problematic effects of damp and moisture incursion by getting a professional roofer to examine it straight away.

Maintenance and repairs
Keeping your roof in good condition is the best way of reducing the occurrence of problems in the long run. Checking your roof with a visual inspection on the outside and inside the loft space will make sure problems are identified early on, and then a roofer can carry out repairs before any further damage or knock-on problems occur.

New and replacement roofs
JR Roofing can roof new build developments, home extensions, and carry out full replacements on old or listed properties. We have wide ranging expertise in regulations regarded protected buildings and suppliers dealing in the appropriate materials.

Make sure your home is in good hands with the experience and expertise of JR Roofing. If you want to find out more about our domestic roofing work in St Albans or the surrounding region, get in touch today. We are always happy to answer any questions and to provide references or a free estimateon request.

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