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Emergency roof repairs

From storms to sudden a deterioration in its condition, there are many causes for a roofing emergency. Call JR Roofing if you need urgent attention for your roof to keep your home and property safe.

Dealing with roofing emergencies in and around St Albans
If you live in this area we are available for emergency call-out to take care of your roof. With an initial assessment we can decide what action needs to be taken, with keeping your home safe and waterproof our number one priority.

Once the roof has been secured we can more carefully assess the damage and provide a quote for repair.

What is a roofing emergency?
Because the roof is integral to the waterproofing of your home any damage can quickly become serious in the wrong circumstances. The effects of water incursion can be serious and even a small hole can be made worse when impacted by the weather, so if your roof has been damaged by strong winds, falling debris, or for any other reason, make sure you find a roofer to secure the leak straight away.

Damaged chimneys and loose tiles can constitute a danger to people on the ground. If you notice your chimney has moved or become structurally unsound, make sure you find a professional to make it safe as soon as possible.

Trust JR Roofing for any urgent work on your roof
Our longstanding reputation for quality work means you can trust us to take care of your roof whatever the circumstances. If you are looking for a roofer in a hurry you can rely on our accreditations, or request recommendations before making a decision.

For both emergency and routine roofing work we strive to provide an excellent service that is competitive too.

Find out more about our roofing work in St Albans or request a quote. We can be contacted on the phone, by email, or through our online form.

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