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Roofing types

No matter what your roofing type, at JR Roofing we can take care of all roofing jobs, including repair, renewal, and replacement.

Our multi-skilled team can undertake high quality work for commercial and domestic customers: we are approved for local authority contracts, and have many previous clients from other sectors in St Albans and beyond.

  • Commercial: leisure, retail, offices, and light industrial spaces all have different roofs and roofing needs. Contemporary buildings may have curved or suspended roofs depending on construction.
  • Domestic: the UK has a huge range of housing stock and roofing types. We deal with traditional and non-traditional construction; flat and pitched.
  • Flat: commonly found on mid-century buildings and garage or outbuilding roofs, flat roofing is a cost effective method of construction that needs to be maintained well to remain watertight.
  • GRP: this modern alternative to traditional flat roofing is more resilient to UV light and the impact of weather over time. Available in a range of colours, for example, it suits new flat or curved roofs, as well as older ones under renewal.
  • Pitched: most standard housing stock in St Albans and across Britain is made with pitched roofs. Designed to remove water effectively via the guttering, these roofs can vary depending on the degree of the slope, and the tile type.
  • Tiles: standard clay tiles are usually red/brown and are supplied by one of our leading manufacturers.
  • Slate: dark to medium grey tiles made of slate.
  • Listed building and church: we specialise in older and listed building, including churches. We undertake work that remains in keeping with the original, is cost effective, and in line with listing regulations.

If you have questions about your roof or want to find out more about our services, please get in touch for an informal discussion, and/or a free quote.

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